Selling airline tickets with a board game

I’m a big fan of advertising that’s not ‘advertising’. For me, a board game that comes with a free round-trip flight falls into this category. 

Right before Christmas JetBlue released a board game on Amazon called Get Packing! Priced at only $20 this limited edition game sold out within seconds before cheekily being resold for $10,000. The product includes game boards, 60 packing cards, one die, a rule book, wildcards and, of course, a free trip.

“The holidays are a time of fun, family, friends and delicious food. But, we know that sometimes, even the happiest families can get antsy after spending too much time together, and awkward family moments are bound to happen. That’s why we created Get Packing!”


One of the reasons I love this is because it reminded me of a concept of mine from a few years ago. Tasked by SA Power to find a way to educate families on what to do in a blackout I created the board game ‘It’s A Blackout’, complete with handy tips and retro tagline, The electrifying game where you stay in charge!’. The artwork was going to be similarly retro. If you don’t live in South Australia and still have power check out the concept art below.