Spotify’s Hall of Fame 2.0

I love Kuka robots. Wherever possible I’ve tried to sell an idea into a client just to use one. I got very close once but sadly have never been successful so props to Spotify for backing this one. Bastards.

There’s no better demonstration of achievement than a giant statue of oneself, just ask David Beckham. Spotify’s RapCaviar playlist, with over 8MM followers, has become known in the hip-hop world as a bit of a career starter for up and coming artists and in December Spotify decided to honour this with a Kuka robot driven marketing stunt – the RapCaviar Pantheon.

The colossal project pays tribute to three of 2017’s hottest artists by immortalising them in David-esq (Both Beckham and Michelangelo’s David) life-size stone statues.

“Pantheon is our way of non-verbally communicating the breakthrough artists of 2017. We’re treating our artists with the importance that Ancient Rome treated its gods. Metro, SZA and 21 all proved this year that they’re here to stay. Their music is forever so why not immortalize their likeness? Greco-Roman Respect Style!”



Aside from using Kuka robots I really respect the craft of this project. While not in the same league as TAC’s Meet Graham masterpiece from an idea point of view, the mature juxtapositioning of the Hip-Hop world and ancient Rome makes for a great mash up. Check out the video – narrated by none other than Pharrell – below.