UX Design, App Design

Creating a unique transport app in an extremely cluttered market was no simple task and to be honest we had to ask ourselves numerous times what a small 3 man team could do better than Google, Moovit or Apple Maps.

With research, workshops and user feedback we worked closely with Adelaide Metro to design and develop cross-platform app MetroMATE. In just 3 months a road map of functionality was created and we embarked on a journey which led MetroMATE to become the second most downloaded transport app in the App Store.

As with any ongoing app project we knew we needed to add in more mainstream features but for initial launch we concluded that to stand out from the crowd the app needed to cater not for the ‘power-user’ but the ‘average traveller’. Our goal was to try and make public transport easier for the people who find it a little daunting; those who don’t travel frequently or when they do, have to travel on multiple trains/buses to get them to their destination. The result was ‘Journey mode’.

Many apps allow users to save their favourite destinations but ‘Journey Mode’ makes more of the destinations to create a colourful and unique home screen experience for the user. Within each destination screen, routes are cleanly laid out to show the changes and length of each step along the route; putting infrequent travellers at ease.


It was first released on iOS before Android, with a test audience that allowed us to modify any UX if required. This resulted in an simpler onboarding process and screen which allowed the user to quickly add all their frequently travelled to destinations. We also added another feature not included in more mainstream apps. ‘Leave notifications’ was a simple concept that allows people to set an alarm for when to leave and snooze if they choose to take a later journey. This small addition was extremely well received but of course with any app, the users always want more…


The roadmap for updates was planned out in sprints and over the course of a few months has had various major and minor updates including adding disruption information, push notifications, a much requested ‘nearby stops mode’, the ability to pay with your mobile, manage your metrocard and ‘live ride’ – a feature that helps infrequent, tourists or disabled travel easier.

It also included designing a whole suite of custom Google Place iconography for use in-app.

It was a great project to be a part of and look forward to seeing future updates that will make riding public transport smarter, quicker and safer. If you’re ever in Adelaide, download the App and give it a ride!