Cultura / Face Value

Client: Alzheimers Australia SA
Media: App, Branding, Film, Social, Website

Together with Alzheimer’s Australia SA we launched a new digital platform and film which aimed to break down the cultural barriers between health care workers and people living with dementia.

With a growing and culturally diverse population, Australia currently has over 413,000 people living with dementia. Affecting thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday tasks, it is often hard for these people to communicate exactly what they need and how they are feeling. This requires health care workers to adopt a much more personal style of care; understanding the diverse and rich cultural nuances that make up a person to provide that deeper level of care. People with dementia who are born in another country can revert back to speaking their original language and often their personality changes accordingly too.

With Australia being such a melting pot of cultures we required an innovative way to educate and inspire health care workers.

A year long, nation-wide consultation with health care workers helped the client decide the content of the platform; a vast database of resources and cultural information. Users are able to learn about specific cultural needs and make case specific notes so they can provide a more person-centric level of caring. It’s not just about caring for people from different cultural backgrounds either. With a rich diversity of health care workers in Australia it’s important to provide them with the tools to be able to relate to all cultures. It can be easy to offend or upset somebody if you’re not careful! Using the compare feature allows health care workers to see how cultural nuances are drastically different and communicate with people accordingly.

App & Website

Designing for every screen.

Cultura was designed and developed across all screen sizes and types (Android, iPhone, iPad and a responsive web) to ensure health care workers have every opportunity to either spend time researching in depth or quickly pull out their mobile to access information quickly.

Keeping consistency across all platforms was vital with wireframes and testing done for each device.

Launch Film

“It takes just seven seconds to judge someone the first time you meet them.”

The platform has been launched around Australia, with the initial launch at the Adelaide Convention Centre to nearly 500 health care workers. We were tasked with creating a launch video for the events and ‘Face Value’ was concepted.

It takes just seven seconds to judge someone the first time you meet them.

We thought it’d be nice to test this theory and hopefully open a few eyes in the process. A hanging installation of photographs was created and we asked a group of strangers to make a judgment on the person they saw in the pictures. The result was a gentle yet eye opening film that really got care workers thinking.