Coopers had bought a bunch of billboards in the lead up to New Year’s Eve and wanted something better than headlines like “Happy New Beer!”. Seeing as most partygoers are generally out to pull that night, I saw the opportunity to use the billboards to drive deeper digital engagement through Tinder.

For two weeks prior to new years, each of Tinder’s million plus users would be served up a Coopers Pale Ale profile every time they logged in, and if they swiped right, they’d could be hooked up with a free pint of Pale Ale at participating venues.

After chatting with our saucy chatbot people could download a voucher and on the night, responsive digital billboards would display the names and profile images of people who’d ‘pulled a stunner’. Tinder’s lengthy lead times and a looming deadline meant the project had to be shelved for another day. 😥