Journey Beyond

For years Great Southern Rail struggled with decreasing passenger numbers and an ageing demographic. Whilst at Clemenger BBDO we worked closely with them to do something about it.

Client: The Ghan & Indian Pacific

After dramatically increasing patronage and reducing the average age of traveller with our previous ‘Pogo’ campaign we worked closely with GSR to bring to life their new off-train experience offerings.

Once perceived to be a coach tour on rails, a ride on The Ghan or Indian Pacific offers much more than your average train trip. Taking passengers on a luxurious journey of discovery through time and history they travel across the outback to bucket-list worthy places and embark on once in a lifetime experiences. It’s an incredible way to see Australia and guests have often told me how spiritually moved they were when their holiday was over.

A new brand platform, ‘Journey Beyond’ was created and allowed us to impart a sense of wonder and mystery through all of their media channels; social, traditional and digital. As well as the usual campaign collateral the media dictated we needed a 1-2 minute film for cinema and a whole TV ad break buyout. “Sell the cinematic nature of the journey and show all of the unique things you can do” was the brief.

Over the course of the two weeks shoot we’d taken small planes, rode on camels, swam through alligator infested water, seen countless sunrises, played golf in the middle of the night, caught opal fever, tasted some truly incredible food and got to experience The Ghan and Indian Pacific for ourselves. Many photographs I shot whilst travelling were used throughout social and digital and are a great memory of this incredible shoot.

Launched with the campaign I also designed and art directed their new cleaner, simpler website which put more of an emphasis on the journey and less on the ‘A to B’ trip.

The campaign continues to be a success for them and has helped double the length of the trains to record lengths, taking on more Gold & Platinum passengers than ever before.