All I Want For Xmas

Every year just prior to Christmas, the Motor Accident Commission reminds motorists to drive safely during this notoriously dangerous holiday period.

Being the festive season, the preference is for a more positive approach rather than the typical gloom and doom road safety message. The ‘All I Want For Christmas’ interactive wall was installed along the main street of Rundle Mall in Adelaide and invited people to wish their friends and loved ones a safe Christmas on the roads. People Snapchatted, Instagramed and Facebooked their photos and was so popular that it was filled within the first few hours. Initially planned to be a week-long installation in the run up to Christmas, its popularity meant that after photographing the well wishes, needed to repaint it each night.

The structure also meant that there was a big visual for the Motor Accident Commission to launch their message with police, press and other key people attending. A social campaign took the message online and used key influencers to drive the message through various social networks where public conversation was encouraged.

It was a key campaign for MAC and contributed to new lows for accidents and fatailities over the Christmas break. Meaning more people got to enjoy what they really want Christmas; simply, their loved ones.

Client: Motor Accident Commission
Media: Activation, Campaign, Interactive, Social