Remix Your Home Loan

Client: People's Choice Credit Union
Media: Animation, Campaign, Digital, Film, Website

To demonstrate the deeper relationship People’s Choice Credit Union has with its customers I concepted and illustrated this interactive video that would be emailed out to their customers on their ‘home loan anniversary’.

The task was to inform members about their mortgage and the benefits associated with changing their current repayments. Using customer data we’d populate fields within the film to customize it – their name, home loan length, current home loan balance, etc. After a brief run down of where the customer currently sits with their home loan they’re then given the option to ‘remix their home loan’. They can twiddle with the nobs and learn how small things like paying fortnightly, not monthly and adding the equivalent of the price of a take-away coffee a day would shave years off their home loans.


Voice: Hi Ben

Voice: And Happy Home Loan Anniversary from all of us at People Choice.

Voice: Did you know it’s been 5 years since you took out your People’s Choice Home loan and we think that that’s something worth celebrating.

Voice: We want to show you what you’ve achieved and suggest ways you can pay off your home loan sooner and save thousands in interest. So let’s start with where you are now.

Voice: Congratulations Ben! In the past 12 months you’ve helped to reduce your home loan balance to around $240,000 with a redraw amount of around $2000.

Voice: To put that in perspective, you now own a 20% slice of your home. Well done!

Voice: If you continue with your current monthly repayments, you’ll be on track to shaving around five years off your current contract term and will have paid off your home loan by 2027. Now won’t that be a party!

Voice: But what if you could pay it off even earlier so you can celebrate even more?

Voice: Okay let’s get the party started.

Voice: Remix your home loan and see how much money you can save by:

  • Switching the frequency of your repayments
  • Boosting your regular repayments and topping up with lump-sums.
  • Converting your daily coffee and lunch purchases into repayments.

Once you’ve found the right mix, hit continue.

Voice: Nice work Ben, it’s amazing how remixing your home loan can make a big difference!